The Concord River Institute 

in partnership with Concord-Carlisle High School, presents:



Building Learning Communities

An interdisciplinary and experiential

professional development opportunity


Two sessions offered:

July 23-24, July 27-28 2015



This summer come and learn about the role community plays in enhancing learning and meeting the needs of students of all backgrounds and abilities.


Key questions

What is the importance of building community in a classroom or school?  How are communities built? What roles do trust, choice, control, and feedback play? How can we shift the student-teacher relationship in order to motivate all students? How can we shift the principal-teacher relationship in order to inspire intrinsic motivation in all teachers?  What challenges do educators encounter when trying to develop community within their schools and how can these challenges be surmounted?


Program overview

Teachers and administrators will participate in interactive seminars designed to explore the idea of community. Participants will have the opportunity to observe, participate in and experiment with a model instructional environment based on the nationally recognized Rivers and Revolutions program at CCHS. Time will be spent in seminars with other educators and in the model classroom with high school students - who are themselves building a learning community while also critically examining and reflecting on the forces that bring us together or pull us apart.


Who should attend?

Workshops are open to teachers, administrators, graduate students, and anyone who works or is interested in working in schools.



There are two 2-day workshops available in the summer of 2015:

July 23-24 and July 27-28

Workshops will take place at Concord-Carlisle High School.

Tuition is $200.


How to sign up:

Please contact program coordinator Maura Clarke:

For more information on the Concord River Institute, please visit:


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